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Klassy Missy is the largest online retailer of premium beauty products in Bangladesh and one of the fastest growing Beauty E-commerce Company In Bangladesh. Category Banner One
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Pre Order Terms and Conditions

Pre Order Terms and Conditions Image
Pre Ordering process:

1. At least 50% of the pre-ordering price of the products shall be paid in advance. The customer(s) shall then inform their proof of payment, delivery address and phone number to confirm their pre-order.

2. Klassy-missy shall answer queries about the customer's pre-ordered products during the waiting period (of minimum 35 days) as best as it should be possible.

3. If the delivery location is insideDhaka metropolitan city, the rest of the payment (50% Product price + inside Bangladesh delivery charge) could be paid through cash on delivery.

4. If the delivery location is out ofDhaka metropolitan city, then after the product reaches Klassy missy, the rest of the payment (50% product price + inside Bangladesh delivery charge) shall be cleared in before the product is dispatched to reach the customer(s).

Pre Order Terms and Conditions:

1. The product shall be exactly what is ordered on the website.

2. The product shall be 100% up to date. This means there shall be no confusion about expiration dates or the product's freshness.

3. Generally some pre-order products' prices might be a little bit lower than their in stock counterparts.

4. Foreign country to Bangladesh shipping charge must be carried by the customer(s), if theminimum free shipping cost limit/range is not met on the pre-order.

5. Pre-ordered products shall reach Bangladesh upon 35 working days of confirmation. Any unexpected delay may occur due to unavoidable reasons, in which case the customer(s) must be patient.

6. The customer(s) shall be promptly notified upon the products' arrival.

7. Pre-order products are never to be subjected for exchange/return/refund. So the customer(s) must be certain about their purchase.

8. In the unexpected case of a damaged (by shipping or otherwise) and/or incorrect product, it must be reported and proved within 4 hours of products' being received by the customer(s). Any complaints about the received product made after that time frame shall not be legitimate.

9. Klassy-missy is not obligated to and shall not provide any sort of emergency and/or fast delivery in case of pre-orders.

10. No pre-order shall be valid without at least 50% advanced payments of the total amount of products' prices. Any kind of Coupon(s) are not applicable for pre order.

11. Product prices shall be predetermined by Klassy-missy. These prices shall not be subjected to any form of bargain.